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Industrial Strength

InvoiceWorks® is an Industrial Strength™ electronic invoicing and payment hosted application integrated with imaging and financial services. Our extremely stable platform and high service levels are the reasons that over 26,000 companies and more than 50% of the Fortune 100 use InvoiceWorks®. The application contains the most advanced functionality, from PO Presentment and matching to InvoiceWorks® patented invoice entry, approval routing, and dispute resolution. InvoiceWorks® facilitates payment via ACH or Purchasing Card, or allows your systems to facilitate the payment. You can efficiently manage discounts offered by suppliers, or suppliers can elect to be paid early at the discount rate you offer them with InvoiceWorks’ Post-Purchase Negotiator™.

Return on Investment
  • 50% -75% Reduction in Accounts Payable Effort
  • .05% - .15% Reduction in Overall Spend through InvoiceWorks Post-Purchase Negotiator™
  • Triple Digit Return on Investment in the
First Year Tangible Benefits

Tangible Benefits

  • More Efficient Dispute Resolution and Business Partner Interactions
  • Easily Quantified Hard Dollar Returns with Triple Digit ROI
  • Definite Reduced/Reallocated Headcount Cost Reductions in Postage, Paper Checks, and Handling
  • Monthly Statements of Post-Purchase Negotiator Results
  • Tighter, More Visible and Audit Friendly Accounting Controls
  • More Efficient Dispute Resolution and Business Partner Interactions
Easy to Champion
  • Technical Briefing Binder provides simple easy-to-find answers for IT to make a quick decision.
  • Straightforward Internet Demonstrations quickly let representatives from each related organization validate that the product will benefit their group.
  • Strong ROI is the foundation for a convincing business case for all parties.
  • Simple and direct implementations produce major project results with minor project effort.
  • InvoiceWorks® provides a dedicated project manager to ensure a successful implementation.

Call us at (888) 624-5786 to discuss the financial impact InvoiceWorks can have on your organization

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