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Through our specialized Accounts Payable consultants, CTP Solutions provides solutions that help companies enhance and create forward looking solutions in developmental workflow, purchase order management, inclusion of buyer/purchaser concepts, electronic invoicing, recoveries of moneys lost through errors / application miss-steps, payment method streamlining, incorporation of affordable imaging, dynamic discounting (ask us) and many more concepts that when you think about it, you will never get to on your own.

Many companies search for solutions to fit their specific requirements. CTP Solutions provides a strong product mix to assist with that selection. We have provided you with different situational scenarios below to assist with a focused start point to select the solution that best fits your company. Remember, these are just initial start points. Once you have decided on a product segment, click on the associated link and it will take you to more information on your choice.

  • My company is in-house software driven. In developing a solution, my group would be more comfortable with enhancing the software solutions we already have. We are very conscious of advanced solutions and always push to the edge of technology. I would like to further explore InvoiceWorks.

  • Our organization is having issues in processing Accounts Payable activity. In the past, our company has outsourced for other needs and has had a positive experience. Our goal is to mitigate the risk throughout the AP process and cut costs. We want to maintain control of the process. Our management wants to continue to approve invoices at various levels with multiple approvers. I would like to further explore AP Outsourcing Solutions.

  • My company has a specific payment need. Our (pick one) claims, rebates, refunds, commissions are done once or twice a day/week/month. The burden of running this payment stream through our Accounts Payable department puts us behind the eight ball. I choose to have these payments done by an outsourcer to ease the exposure. I would like to further explore AP Outsourcing Solutions.

  • Our company has a new line of business requiring payments and a new AP process that is very time sensitive. We want to make sure that we use the most efficient process, reducing costs and developing a solution that does not impact my IT group. We want to take advantage of workflow, purchase order controls, discounts and all other AP controls. I need this process solution yesterday. We do not want to change our current AP solution for ordinary payables. I would like to further explore Targeted AP Solutions.
These are just a few examples of situational scenarios that CTP Solutions can help with. Our consultants are ready to assist in creating vision and designing a solution that fits your specific requirements. Our goal is to provide our customers with efficiencies through Accounts Payable Processing. From e-invoicing, workflow, purchase order coordination, imaging, check processing, electronic payments, mailing process capabilities, CTP Solutions has supplied solutions to software and outsourcing needs for over 17 years.

If you would like to receive a Free Copy of our Corporate Payment Risk Diagnostic Tool

Review your companies' processes and performance measures, used effectively, can create a powerful link between your company's use of various payment system products and the risk incurred inside and outside your organization.
  • Focus your company on Payment System Risk issues
  • Improve your payment processes, so problems can be anticipated and prevented
  • Understand and reduce your companies payment system risk
  • Encourage and facilitate change, by gathering facts on your companies' use of the payment system and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Set realistic benchmarks for reducing your companies payment system risk
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